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One of the main concerns of a worker who has suffered a workplace injury is to find a doctor that the state workers’ compensation law will cover. According to the state Workers’ Compensation Act, Pennsylvania employers can create a list of health care providers for injured workers to choose from. The state government website explains that this physician list should contain specific information. 

First, the law mandates that the employer list at least six different providers. Three of these providers should be physicians, and the employer should list the specialties of the providers. Once an employee suffers injury, the employer cannot direct a worker to a specific provider. It is up to the employee to choose a provider from the list. If warranted, the employee has the right to switch from one provider to another. 

Employers should also provide the contact information for each provider, including the name, the address and the telephone number. Each provider should reside within geographic reach of the employee. A worker should not have to travel very far to see the provider, especially considering the injuries of the worker may not permit a prolonged trip. 

Knowing this information is important for a number of reasons. In the event a worker cannot find a provider with the right medical specialty to provide the worker with treatment, the worker has the right to seek out his or her own provider. And if the employer list does not conform to the requirements of state law, a worker may find a doctor who is not on the list. 

This article is written to provide general information on the topic of workers’ compensation and should not be interpreted as legal advice.