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Workers' Compensation
Attorney in Hermitage, Pennsylvania

A work accident can affect more than just your work life — it can affect your family, your physical abilities, and your ability to earn a living. The implications can be significant, but through a workers’ compensation claim, you can seek restitution for certain losses and get the medical care you need. At Joanow Legal Group, we’re ready to assist you throughout the claims process and help you pursue the benefits you need to move forward.

We understand the importance of securing workers’ compensation benefits after a work accident. Our attorney, Michael A. Joanow, works with clients throughout the Mercer County area to file detailed claims. With our years of experience and thorough knowledge of Pennsylvania workers’ rights, we’re prepared to fight for the full amount you deserve.

When your recovery is on the line, turn to Joanow Legal Group for support. Contact our office in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, after a workplace injury in Grove City, Greenville, or Sharon. We’ll set you up with a free consultation so you can start telling your story.

What to Do After a Workplace Injury

If you’ve recently suffered an injury at your place of work, it’s important to act quickly. The sooner you start filing a claim, the more likely you will be to remember the specifics of your accident. These key details can bolster your claim for maximum compensation. After a workplace injury, take the following steps as soon as you can:

  1. Report your injury to your employer. Don’t give your employer’s attorneys the opportunity to argue that your injury wasn’t caused on company property or during your shift. Be sure to keep a copy of the report (including the date of the injury and a description of what happened) that can be used as evidence if needed.

  2. Seek medical attention. Tell your health care provider that your injury happened on the job. When their notes indicate the injury occurred at your place of work, it may increase your chance of receiving compensation.

  3. Team up with an attorney. If your injury already was a result of your employer’s negligence, you likely can’t count on them to protect your best interests when it comes to your recovery. Let a skilled legal professional advocate for the outcome you deserve.

Entering into a legal battle with your employer can be intimidating, but you need to put your best interests first. When an injury is threatening your livelihood, you deserve every opportunity to pursue a fair result, and that includes proper financial compensation.

Don't let your employer's actions decide your future. Contact us when you're ready to move forward.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

The benefits you receive from a workers’ compensation claim will depend largely on your specific needs and the extent of your recovery. Some of the benefits available to applicants can include the following:

  • Medical care and restitution of any medical expenses

  • Recovery of lost wages from missed work

  • Help returning to work after your recovery

Our attorney at Joanow Legal Group is committed to providing honest and straightforward legal counsel to injured workers, and he is accessible and personally concerned with the success of each client. He will address your concerns, assist with every step of your workers’ compensation claim, and work diligently to maximize your claim so you can recover from the financial and physical impact of your accident.

Securing the benefits you deserve after a work accident can be difficult. Whether we are facing off against your employer’s corporate lawyers or the workers’ compensation insurance company, we will fight for the full amount of support you need through either biweekly benefits or a settlement. Our success comes from securing a positive outcome on your behalf.

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Before you move forward with your workers’ compensation claim, reach out to us to set up a free consultation. We are ready to help you with everything from initial paperwork to appealing a denied claim. From our office in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, we are proud to represent clients throughout the area, including Grove City, Greenville, and Sharon.