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Workers' Compensation FAQ

The aftermath of a work accident can be confusing and overwhelming. You have questions, and when you turn to the law firm of Joanow Legal Group, you will receive both the answers and support you deserve. Our lawyer has over 30 years of legal experience, and he is closely familiar with how workers’ compensation works in Pennsylvania. Not only will he address your concerns, he will help you pursue the benefits you need for your recovery.

Every case is different, and injured workers will find it beneficial to seek an understanding of available legal options according to the unique factors of their individual cases. Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about workers’ compensation. To address your specific concerns and questions, contact our office for a free evaluation of your case.

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Injured workers often feel unsure of what to do next or how to move forward. We will take the time to answer all of your specific questions regarding your workers’ compensation claim, ensuring you understand your rights and legal options. Some of the most common questions we receive about workers’ compensation include the following:

  • How much is my claim worth? Each case is different, but the specific benefits you can receive depend on the types of injuries and the functional limitations that may have resulted from those injuries. The law also takes into account your wage rate, residual earning capacity, the time you need for recovery, and whether or not you will be able to return to work.

  • What types of benefits are available through workers’ compensation? Injured workers may be able to claim benefits for medical care, recovery of a portion of lost wages, and rehabilitation support when returning to work. Death benefits are available to families after a loved one dies in a work accident.

  • Can I also file a personal injury claim? By filing a workers’ compensation claim, you relinquish your right to sue your employer. However, you may have grounds to seek additional compensation if a third party is liable for your injuries.

  • What should I do after a work accident? After a work accident, you will need to notify your employer and move forward with your benefits claim. It may be beneficial to have legal guidance from the initial stages of your claim in order to avoid errors and complications.

The workers’ compensation claims process can be complex and confusing. You do not have to walk through it alone.

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