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Can I Get SSD Benefits for Anxiety Disorders?

Joanow Legal Group May 1, 2020

Most Pennsylvania residents have likely struggled with anxiety at one point in their lives. While some may find taking deep breaths relaxing, others may find imagining themselves in a far off place soothes them. However, not all anxiety is created equal—some people may suffer from an anxiety disorder that prevents them from getting over their feelings so quickly.

When someone has persistent feelings of apprehension, uneasiness, or tension, they could be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Ordinary situations can evoke terror in them or feelings of alarm, much more severe than basic nervousness. There are generally five types of anxiety disorders—generalized anxiety disorders, a state that must have persisted for at least six months to be diagnosed, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, phobia or post-traumatic stress disorder. To diagnose these conditions, doctors tend to rule out specific events contributing to the anxiety. In order to be categorized as anxiety, it must be so severe that it interferes materially with an individual’s work, daily activities and relationships.

Since anxiety can prevent someone from earning a stable living, it is a disorder recognized by the Social Security Administration, under mental disorders. Unfortunately, getting social security disability benefits on this basis can often be difficult, as it is based on criteria that is hard to prove. However, if one is able to present their medical history and a history of treatment by doctors, it might be possible to have a successful claim.

Dealing with one’s illness is difficult enough and having to prove it can be frustrating for those going through the process. However, it might be helpful to consult an experienced attorney for guidance on what type of information can prove helpful in supporting one’s claim to get the benefits they deserve.