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Do I Need an Attorney for My Personal Injury?

Joanow Legal Group June 4, 2020

A personal injury happens in an instant, and what comes after moves just as fast. Between seeking medical help, starting the recovery process, and seeking compensation for the costs, there is hardly any time to stop to catch your breath. Insurance companies often tell victims that they do not need an attorney, as lawyers only slow things down, but is that true?

Tens of millions of people suffer personal injuries each year. All of these people faced the choice to let an experienced personal injury attorney represent them through their recovery process. For anyone to know which decision to make, they first need to understand what precisely an attorney will do.

How Lawyers Serve Their Clients

The services a lawyer offers their client are more comprehensive than people expect. These few services alone more than cover the cost of their services:

  • Legal guidance: when someone faces a legal problem, it can feel like everyone has an opinion on what to do. While everyone may have their advice, it may not be the right advice. Lawyers spend years of their lives learning about the law to a degree in which they actually can offer valuable legal advice.

  • Legal representation: victims knowing what to do to protect their legal rights after an accident is only half the battle. When it comes to negotiation and litigation, victims rarely have the necessary experience to get the best possible outcome, but the right lawyer does.

  • Determining what victims deserve: a victim of an accident may not be able to recognize the full cost of their injuries and how much they need to cover the expenses. Insurance companies take advantage of these situations by offering clients without representation lowball settlements to save money. A lawyer can spot these injustices, and fight to correct them.

  • Expert consultation: gathering the testimony and opinions of experts related to an accident can considerably improve the outcome of the claim. The first doctor that a victim sees might not specialize in the type of injury they have, so a lawyer can recommend someone who can accurately inspect the true nature of the damage.

The victim of an accident only has a lawyer on their side. Victims should never trust the at-fault party or their insurance company. Let lawyers take care of fighting for the best possible outcome in a personal injury so that victims can focus on their recovery.