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How Are Spinal Injuries Treated?

Joanow Legal Group April 24, 2019

When a person behaves in a negligent manner, other people often experience unpleasant consequences. One possible occurrence is an injury to the spine, which can result from a car accident, slip and fall, and many other situations. The Mayo Clinic explains the different treatments for spinal cord injuries, which vary depending on the severity of the injury.

Physical examinations are often used to detect the presence of a spinal cord injury. Diagnostic testing may also be used, including x-rays and CT scans. From here, doctors will decide the seriousness of the injury and devise treatment solutions appropriate to the patient. When emergency treatment is being administered, it is important to keep the patient stabilized to prevent further complications. Doctors must also work to minimize shock, which can be an issue with significant injuries or traumatic accidents.

Surgery may also be necessary. Spinal compression can lead to a host of issues, so surgeons must sometimes operate to relieve pressure. There may also be bone fragments in the tissue, and this can lead to bleeding and other problems. If the spine is deformed by the damage in any way, doctors might operate to fix the deformity and set the spine back into the correct position.

Once emergency treatment has been administered, long-term care will be considered. Physical therapy and rehab are often provided to help patients with spinal injuries regain some or all of their function. Occupational therapy may also be recommended for profound injuries that deprive a person of walking and balancing abilities. If you need to use an aid, such as a wheelchair or cane, you will also be provided training on how to do so. Some people are unable to resume normal function, in which case they would need long-term assistance