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Is Your Brain Injury Hampering Your Financial Health?

Joanow Legal Group Feb. 25, 2020

Recently, you suffered an injury, either on or off the clock. No matter where or how the incident happened, it resulted in a brain injury. Do you know how to properly manage your finances in your current state? has a few tips to help you out. Learn more about your limitations and how to overcome them to maintain your financial health.

Understand how Brain Injuries Impact Your Cognitive Abilities

By understanding how brain injuries commonly impact cognitive abilities, you can get ahead of frustration. For instance, you may have trouble concentrating on tweaking your budget or paying bills. You may also have a hard time concentrating on counting out money when at the store or entering payment information. Injuries to the brain could also make it difficult to organize bills, payment dates and the like.

Learn how To Better Manage Your Finances

Do not hesitate to turn to family members or friends to help you with financial matters after suffering a brain injury. You may feel embarrassed about doing so, but reaching out for assistance is better than incurring unnecessary late fees or harming your credit score by falling behind on debt payments. Talk to a legal advocate about power of attorney or a letter of authorization. That way, someone you trust can make financial decisions in your stead. Additionally, let utility companies, credit card companies, banks and the like know about your brain injury. They may be able to make special exceptions for you or provide you access to special resources to help you stay on financial track.

Do not delay in getting your financial house in order after suffering a personal injury. Enlist the help of trusted loved ones and legal professionals.