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Promoting Safety on Construction Sites

Joanow Legal Group Nov. 23, 2018

As a construction worker, you put your body on the line every time you go to work. You do your best to remain safe on the job. Every day you wear proper protection and stay diligent. After all, you have a family that depends on you.

While you try your best to be safe at work, accidents still happen. You wear your work boots, ear plugs and hard hat to prevent injury. You can still remain diligent in other ways to stay safe.

What Precautions Can You Take to Promote Safety?

The worst thing you can do as a construction worker is become complacent on the job. While you wear appropriate clothing and protective gear, that might not be enough. You can take steps to promote safety on your job site.

  • Inspect the job site: whether it’s your first time on this site or you are showing up for the second or third day, you should inspect the site. Look for hazards and holes.

  • Be careful lifting: A back strain can put you out of work. Even though you try to keep up a good working pace, always remember to lift heavy objects properly. Test the weight of an object before lifting. Ask for help when you need it.

  • Plan ahead: Before leaving for the day, check the weather forecast. If you have the capacity, it would be a good idea to create a kit that you can keep in your vehicle. Add extra clothing items, water bottles, snacks and protective gear.

  • Inspect the tools: Just as you need to look over the job site, always check your tools before using them. Ensure that the tools you need are in clean, working condition.

An injury on the job can be severe and leave you unable to work. You and your loved ones depend on your income for daily necessities. Take the extra time to ensure safety while at work. If you do notice any hazardous conditions or broken tools, make sure to inform management and your fellow coworkers. If you are hurt on the job, tell your boss and take appropriate action to ensure you can get back on your feet as soon as possible.