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Safety First in The Workplace

Joanow Legal Group June 6, 2019

Each year, Pennsylvanians are either injured on the job or develop work-related diseases from their employment, necessitating appeals for workers’ compensation. A type of insurance policy designed to dispense medical benefits and cover missed paychecks, workers’ compensation is one of the most important parts of an employee’s protection plans. However, it is also a good idea for employees to take a “safety first” mentality when in the workplace in order to avoid potentially hazardous situations.

The National Safety Council has declared that the National Safety Month is June, so now could be a great time for workers unaware of smart safety habits to brush up on their knowledge. The National Safety Council has made it their mission to stop avoidable death or injury in the workplace. Council members recommend that workers understand the risks involved with tripping and falling, fatigue, slipping or impairment. Whether a person works on a factory floor full of machinery or in an office building with slick marble floors, they should be able to recognize possible hazards and stay alert for their own safety.

Despite the best efforts, accidents can still happen. If a person receives harm through a workplace injury or disease, they can file for workers’ compensation. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry has links to the full copy of the Workers’ Compensation Act on its website so people who are unsure of their rights can access the necessary information. Remember, workers’ compensation protects not only the worker’s rights but also the company’s rights, so it is in the best interest of all parties that workers’ compensation is carried out appropriately.