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What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Joanow Legal Group May 23, 2019

You have probably heard about workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania. Perhaps someone you work with was injured during the work day and made a workers’ compensation claim, or maybe you have made a claim. Regardless, this system is very helpful to you if you do suffer a work-related injury. Understanding what it is and how it works can enable you to better use the system.

According to the Department of Labor & Industry, the workers’ compensation system protects you and your employer. It provides a way for employees injured on the job to get paid for related expenses. It creates a no-fault system as well. This means as long as you have a valid claim, you get benefits, and there is not a penalty for your employer. In addition, it means you cannot sue your employer for the injury.

Workers’ compensation is insurance. It is always there when you need it. However, you do not pay for it. Your employer does. It is possible for your employer to not pay and allow coverage to lapse. However, the state has laws that require most employers to carry this insurance or face penalties. Furthermore, if your employer does not have coverage when legally required to have it, you could then sue your employer. It is the act of using the workers’ compensation system that invalidates your right to sue, so without that protection in place, your employer is vulnerable.

The bottom line is that workers’ compensation benefits everyone. It protects your employer while ensuring you will have coverage should you get injured. It makes the process of payment for medical care easier and can save you and your employer a lot of money. This information is for education and is not legal advice.