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What to Do if Turned Down for Social Security Disability Benefits

Joanow Legal Group July 30, 2019

Pennsylvania residents may find they need benefits from the Social Security Administration. When an injury or illness leaves you unable to support yourself, you may want to seek help from this prepaid government fund.

However, an overwhelming majority of first-time applicants find themselves receiving a letter of denial. What, then, is the process for getting access to the money you have paid into all these years? The professionals here at the Joanow Law Group can provide you with the assistance required to prepare for the steps that follow a Social Security Disability benefits denial.

The Appeal Process

When turned down for benefits, you may feel defeated. Every time you got paid, you also paid into the fund created for this reason. Why, then, can you not access that money when you need it? The next step after receiving a denial is preparing an appeal.

The appeal process may mean submitting the same paperwork back for reapproval. With our help, you may find some step in the initial process or some missing piece of evidence that may aid in approval.

The Disability Hearing

Many times, an appeal leads to a hearing before an administrative law judge. The trier of fact will listen to you talk about why you need the benefits and why your qualifications meet the standard of proof to receive them. You may also want to have a doctor prepare a report and testify on your behalf. This provider may help fill in the blanks to get you the green light to benefits.

Giving up after a denial is not the best course of action. If you need access to Social Security Disability benefit payments, we may have the resources necessary to help you get them. Take a look at our webpage for more insight.