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Women More Likely to Be Injured on The Job

Joanow Legal Group April 29, 2019

The National Safety Council (NSC) recently went through the 2017 data involving the number and types of injuries that occur in the workplace. It found that woman are more likely than men to be injured on the job.

Assaults upon Women Are Much Higher

Likely to be the most disturbing piece of data, women sustained 70% of all non-fatal assault-related injuries. This means that the number of women assaulted on the job in 2017 was 12,820, versus the 5,530 non-fatal assault-related injuries that men sustained at work. This is a 60% jump between 2011 and 2017, which is also much cause for concern.

Other Important Safety Issue Disparities

The NSC analysts also found other areas where women were more prone to injury on the job. Women make up:

  • 61% of injuries due to repetitive motion

  • 59% of injuries accidentally caused by another person

  • 57% of falls on the same level

Some Professions More Dangerous to Women

Women suffer illness or non-fatal injury at a higher rate in the following fields:

  • They make up 80% of the cases in the healthcare industry

  • They make up 61% of the cases in education

  • They make up 60% of the cases in management, business and financial

Women Deserve a Safe Work Environment

The NSA has not broken down the numbers by state yet, so we do not know the final tally here in Pennsylvania. Nevertheless, the disparity in these national statistics should be enough to cause businesses to evaluate their safety protocols, practices and training in an effort to make the workplace safer for all. If they fail to do so, it could be an oversight that leads to a personal injury suit, disability claim or a workers compensation claim filed by an injured worker.